How buying a csgo smurf account help you to rank up?

csgo smurf accounts

In gaming culture, smurfing is defined as logging into a secret account separate from the main account to allow the user to play a game without being detected by his or her peers. This is done so that you can play the game with a new perspective. Allsmurfshop helps you in providing this experience of buying a new account seamlessly and at a very affordable rate.

Csgo had a system in which you previously couldn’t purchase csgo prime accounts directly. you needed to level up to pr 21 to access prime status but after the danger zone update buying csgo prime account directly can be done. Prime status users are a match made with and against only other Prime Status users in all game modes.

In addition, Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases, and have access to all Community-operated servers. Thus csgo prime accounts allow you to smurf without worrying about the hackers and the griefers which already try to ruin your gameplay in non prime accounts.

csgo smurf accounts help you to get out of the elo which you’re stuck at or if you are bored of your current elo and want to improve or have some fun csgo smurf accounts are your best bet. the progression will allow you to be more experimental in trying out new things that your main elo wouldn’t let you because of the fear of de-ranking

Csgo smurf accounts will help you reach that goal and become the best player you can possibly be. Keeping this up for a few months you’ll see a drastic improvement in your performance. Prime account also enables you to play with non prime players but in a pre-made lobby. The lobby is considered non-Prime and the resulting match would be with and against non-Prime users.

Even if you choose to buy a csgo prime account or you choose to buy csgo non prime account allsmurfshop has it all. From high tier accounts to accounts with 10+ medals we have it all so don’t wait and shop with us now.

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