CSGO Trust Factor: A Guide

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CSGO Trust Factor: A Guide

Counter-Strike has been one of the most predominant first-person shooters with millions of players playing the game with such a massive player game there is bound to be some hiccups in between which translates basically to hackers and griefers, it’s been such a problem that the community has resolved to shift to other games where there are fewer numbers of complications with that particular game.

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Introduction of Trust Factor

The Csgo Trust Factor is a rating calculated depending on a variety of factors and activities that players do on the entire Steam platform.

The new system has been rolled out by Valve in an attempt to widen the range of elements used in the matchmaking process. Valve wanted a way to expand the factor range of Prime to include potential toxic behavior outside of the game itself.
Is It Possible to Check Your Trust Factor?

Unfortunately, players cannot check their Trust Factor. The goal of the system is to match-make similar players without the players having to worry about their rating or how they can improve it. It allows the system to pick similar players by relying on data collected through natural action and not by calculated moves with the aim to improve the rating.

How to improve trust factor?

Commends- Commend your teammates or the enemy if you think they are good. Commends are also a great way to prove your positivity in the community.

Reports- Stop doing anything that might get you reported – stop ruining games, stop throwing and stop abusing your teammates.
Buy smurf accounts– Sometimes starting fresh is a great way to get yourself a new start or you can also buy a smurf account with high trust factors like the ones we provide at allsmufshop.com

Another thing to keep in mind is that while queuing with a party, you’ll automatically be matched with and against players with trust factors similar to the person with the lowest trust factor. Introduction of trust factors have lead smurf websites to charge enormous amounts of money for a high trust factor but we at allsmurfshop try to provide it at an affordable price.

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